85 THERMOCONVECTORS FAN HEATERS INFRARED HEATERS RADIATORS STOVES DEHUMIDIFIERS AIR TREATMENT AURA DI To efficiently and completely purify the air FEATURES 3 filtering stages (dust filter/HEPA filter/active carbon filter) Germicidal UV light Filter pack removable from front panel Ionizer Particulate concentration digital indicator Automatic fan speed operation according to the quality of air detected Filter duration up to 2000 h 8h timer Sleep/Turbo function 3 air flow rate settings CADR: 200* UV STERILIZER AND IONIZER It eliminates bacteria, germs and viruses and replicates the pleasant sensation felt in the open air on a sunny day AUTOMATIC ADJUSTMENT 3 FILTERING STAGES Antidust filter, HEPA filter (which retains 9 5 % of particulate matter) and active carbon filter (for odour control). WITHHOLDS FINE DUSTS Up to 2.5 micron. Self-adjusts the fan speed according to the quality of air detected AURA DI PRODUCT CODE 99426 EAN CODE 8021183994261 FILTER KIT CODE B0846 FILTER KIT EAN CODE 8021183115734 Power absorption W 80 Protection level IP X0 Protection class II Fan speeds 3 Sound pressure level dB(A) min-max 25 / 54 Product dimensions (W x H x D) mm 380 x 590 x 210 Gift box Dimensions (W x H x D) mm 438 x 675 x 262 Weight (without packing) kg 6,90 Weight (with packing) kg 8,60 Power supply V-F-Hz 220-240 - 1 - 50 Conformity mark CE Digital control √ Air quality indicator led - Air quality indicator display √ Filter cleaning/replacing signal √ Ionizer √ UV lamp √ HEPA filter √ Carbon filter (odour control) √ Timer √ *CADR: Clean air delivery rate