VANTUBO air conditioners without outdoor unit 2019

air-conditioning without an outdoor unit 02 Essentials + Aesthetic façade of the building. Instead of the attention-grabbing outside unit, two, almost invisible, ventilation grilles or cm. 16 20 + Modern and practical design Ergonomic housing, elegant design. Can be installed on the floor or ceiling without compromising the style of the interior. + Cooling in the summer. Comfortable conditions in the heat of day. Automatically adjusts the operating parameters to take into account the existing and programmed temperature of the premises. + Warming up in spring and autumn. The heat pump function ensures comfort even at freezing outside temperatures. With its low energy consumption and rapid adaptation to sudden changes in temperature, it is the perfect solution for springtime and autumn - cool, transition periods. + Heating in winter. A heat pump and an electric heater ensure a comfortable temperature of the interior at any time of the year. This is particularly important where, for some reason, the use of other heat sources is impossible or difficult. Ø Ø VANTUBO ®